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N.A.M.E. National Convention in Charlotte NC.

We had a wonderful time at the Convention. It was 7 days of no sleep and a whirlwind of fun!
I taught a class, sold round table kits, did a Theme Luncheon that I made 25 different cake houses for. And sold in the sales room for 4 days...

Dan designed the cake house 3 weeks before we left and to finish them I took supplies and completed them at the show. Was so worth it. Most of the women at the Theme Luncheon were my ver dear friends. Thanks so much to all who came!

Dress up

Remember when we are had vivid imaginations as children? Well Sophia's is getting more vibrant every day. Some of the things she says, keeps me cackling with laughter! And boy does she love to dress up! Just thought I'd share some of the most recent outfits.

Sophia's little mishap.

 A couple months ago we went on a sight seeing trip with my Aunt, grandparents, sister and her husband and baby. Took the day and went to the Gates of the Mountains in Montana. It was a fun trip, but quite warm, so leaving the boat we were very hot and tired and hungry. There was not much of a place to eat so we left to find a pick-nick spot for lunch. We settled on a site along the river on the way back to Great Falls, even though it was very rough and not kid friendly.

Eating Pizza

Sophia get her pizza eating skills from me.


Burger King Kid


 We recently went to Burger King to eat the famous Whopper and got a crown for Sophia. I am pretty sure Romi our kitten gets more use out of it than Sophia, but once in a while she grabs it and on her head it goes usually while dancing.

Eating Strawberries with Sophia

 Sophia and I decided to bake some Date Filled Cookies and before we started we just had to eat some strawberries! Needless to say Sophia really enjoyed them...




Apples in the bath

 I was giving Sophia a bath today and decided I needed an apple, while waiting. Well Sophia saw that and just had to have it. I tried to get it back, and it was an absolute no from her. Apples in the bath. That's my girl, not a care in the world.