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Life is full of Shit

 It's been a very long last couple of weeks. It all started when we headed to Boise ID for a miniature show and along the way Dan got sick and we ended up in the Emergency Room, as soon as we pulled into town. We suspected it was a bladder infection, as Dan had one in January as well. He was in a lot of pain and we just wanted to get some antibiotics and head to the hotel. Our ER Doc was being very thorough and decided to get a CT scan to check for kidney stones. I left for a few minutes to make some calls to let people know we were ok and when I got back with Sophia, Dan had news that left me shaken. They had not found kidney stones but a rather large tumor near his right kidney. They were convinced the infections had nothing to do with the tumor, but really wouldn't say much more. 

We spent a long weekend getting the miniature show over with and heading home. Dan spent a good amount of time sleeping and taking care of Sophia who was a sweetheart the whole trip. I think she could sense something was wrong. My show went really well, though my heart was not in it. On the way home we made an appointment to see his Dr. in Great Falls, then on to get his bladder checked, which was not a pleasant experience for Dan. I think most men would cringe knowing a large tube was going to be shoved up a certain part of anatomy that most men feel is sacred. He took it like a man though and came through with his pride intact, thought he was sore most of the day. The bladder was clear, which was a relief for both of us.

Next step is to do a needle biopsy to find out if this is a cancerous tumor. We are optimistic as we did find out its a non vascular tumor, and the Dr. seemed less worried at that point. Sometimes I feel as thought this is all a very bad dream. Dan takes it all in stride and has been very stoic about the procedures he's had to face. They say life makes you stronger, but sometimes I wonder  if we need to be stronger. Dan and I have been through a lot in our young lives and it seems life has thrown yet another curve ball. But we have each other, Sophia and a sense of humor to get us through.