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Stories about Ruth's family, past and present.

Sophia's eventful day...

We went to town just the two of us, Dan stayed home with Tristan. Before we left I noticed the fish tank had not been running and one large goldfish looked very sick and was upside down and the heater appeared to not be working. So I cleaned the fish tank, put in some fresh water, new filter, tried to take out the sick fish but he wiggled so I had pity and put him back and then the heater appeared to be working so left it. Told Sophia we'd get her a new fish in town and she was thrilled!


Trip to the Cabin

Well we took one last trip to the cabin for the winter. We bought a propane heater you attach to your wall and presto! You have heat! Well it didn't work quite as well as we had hoped.

First We get up there and realize there is power to the big cabin but not to our littler one, so Dan goes on a quest to find the problem. An hour later it's established there was a fuse that was not working properly, but now we have power.


Playing and Growing

Tristan is getting so big and starting to play with his toes. He now grabs his feet any chance he can get. It reminds me of how quickly this stage will pass and how fast he will grow up. I love the little guy...



Dress up

Remember when we are had vivid imaginations as children? Well Sophia's is getting more vibrant every day. Some of the things she says, keeps me cackling with laughter! And boy does she love to dress up! Just thought I'd share some of the most recent outfits.


Tristan Ian Stewart Is Here!

Well Tristan Ian was born on July 20th at 3:33 pm. It was a wonderful delivery and he arrived only after about 8 hours of labor. In my book, that was pretty easy! He was 8 lbs. 4 ounces and 21 " long. He was 4 days late and that was the hardest thing, waiting for him to come.

He's the sweetest little thing but definitely likes a little more attention than Sophia did. He is sleeping through the night which Sophia did as well at 5 weeks. Tristan was 8 weeks. I love it! A mommy with sleep is a happy mommy!


Sophia taking a baby class

 A friend of mine told me about a great class at the hospital where we live, for kids who are going to have a sibling. Knowing how much Sophia loves kids and wants to go to school, we thought it would be a good thing for her to go to. 

  It was only an hour and she would learn how to hold a baby, wrap a baby and change a diaper. She did fantastic and didn't wait for directions, just wrapped that baby up and was done before most of the class of kids.


Time Flies By...

 Wow, it's been a year since my last post I am ashamed to say. And a crazy year it's been. I had another baby Tristan Ian. A sweet little guy and as cute as a button. I think he really looks like Sophia, just a little boy version of her. 

My sister has now moved to Texas from Montana and we miss them all dearly! Here are some very adorable pictures of the girls and there last play day at the ranch here.


Sophia's little mishap.

 A couple months ago we went on a sight seeing trip with my Aunt, grandparents, sister and her husband and baby. Took the day and went to the Gates of the Mountains in Montana. It was a fun trip, but quite warm, so leaving the boat we were very hot and tired and hungry. There was not much of a place to eat so we left to find a pick-nick spot for lunch. We settled on a site along the river on the way back to Great Falls, even though it was very rough and not kid friendly.


My Sister's 25th Birthday

 My baby sister's birthday was today.Unfortunately I passed the year to say I was only 25 a while ago, Oh those younger years...

I was thrilled to have her agree to come and spend the day with me out on the ranch here. Her husband was working a long day and she would have been by herself otherwise. So in my excitement I decided to ask if she'd like to make her first trek to a Hutterite Colony, and she said yes. I have been telling her a great deal about my special friends and was very anxious to show her off along with my brand new little niece.


Life is full of Shit

 It's been a very long last couple of weeks. It all started when we headed to Boise ID for a miniature show and along the way Dan got sick and we ended up in the Emergency Room, as soon as we pulled into town. We suspected it was a bladder infection, as Dan had one in January as well. He was in a lot of pain and we just wanted to get some antibiotics and head to the hotel. Our ER Doc was being very thorough and decided to get a CT scan to check for kidney stones.