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Posts about Ruth's friends and acquaintances at Riverview Hutterite Colony.

My Sister's 25th Birthday

 My baby sister's birthday was today.Unfortunately I passed the year to say I was only 25 a while ago, Oh those younger years...

I was thrilled to have her agree to come and spend the day with me out on the ranch here. Her husband was working a long day and she would have been by herself otherwise. So in my excitement I decided to ask if she'd like to make her first trek to a Hutterite Colony, and she said yes. I have been telling her a great deal about my special friends and was very anxious to show her off along with my brand new little niece.



 After all the worry about Dan's tumor, Sophia and I headed to the colony for a much needed visit and dinner. We loaded up all our tons of goodies we had baked(Sophia did help me with most of them) and headed out. We were in town on Tuesday and Clara asked us to pick up a bunch of pops and juice for the work crew fixing up Brenda's house. 


Sorting at the Colony

  My time at the colony this week was fun as usual. I have been working on getting supplies for my miniatures to use in classes and to sell at shows. It’s been a long process as quite a few of the items I have been buying have been through some companies in Hong Kong. Once in a while I get these harebrained ideas to start a project and realize the time involved, so I sheepishly take my project to the colony and get some help. And help I do get!


Cell Phone Booster

Picture of Young Paul and Peter

Picture: Young Paul (left), Peter with Sophia