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My Sister's 25th Birthday

 My baby sister's birthday was today.Unfortunately I passed the year to say I was only 25 a while ago, Oh those younger years...

I was thrilled to have her agree to come and spend the day with me out on the ranch here. Her husband was working a long day and she would have been by herself otherwise. So in my excitement I decided to ask if she'd like to make her first trek to a Hutterite Colony, and she said yes. I have been telling her a great deal about my special friends and was very anxious to show her off along with my brand new little niece.

I spent most of the day yesterday, baking cakes. One for Hannah and one for Tabby who's birthday is on the 21st. Tabby will be gone to help paint her cousins house on her birthday, so I wanted to do something special before she left. I also made some Orange Chocolate Truffle Tarts, and tried a brand new cake recipe called, Double Chocolate Mousse Cake. Very yummy it turnes out... We sang happy birthday to the girls, then they blew out the candles. They were so sweet to give Hannah a birthday gift as well. We preceded to eat our hearts fill, until no more could be eaten.

With way too much to eat, we had a very fun, busy visit. I am not sure if the excitement of spring, or the fact it was Saturday brought everyone in to say hi. Hannah had a wonderful time, talking to everyone and showing off little Roslyn. We went to visit the newest addition to the Colony as well. Little Trevor was born less than 2 weeks ago to a couple married last summer. Her was a very cute little guy, but I didn't get a picture, not wanting to disturb his slumber.

We took Hannah for a tour of the kitchen and hope to have a lot more time next visit to allow her to see the whole colony. She was very impressed by the people and their kindness. All always they made a spot of happiness in my day and my sister's.


Clara holding Roslyn.

Sophia reading her book again.

Frieda, Tabby and Mary holding Roslyn.

Donna smiling away!

Ohh Auntie Donna holding Stephanie.

Hannah blowing out her candles.

Tabby blowing out her candles.

Hannah with baby Roslyn after a day visiting they Colony.