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BearTooth Highway

  We have had a busy summer and I am now trying to play catchup in getting blog posts done to fill in everyone on my trips. Not that anyone cares, but it's fulfilling all the same. 

   We recently took a wonderful trip up the BearTooth Highway. I was very excited about this drive for a couple of reasons. One: our good friend MJ was going with Sophia, Dan and I. Two: it was the very first time I set foot in Yellowstone National Park and Wyoming. I've lived in Montana since I was 9 years old and had never been to Yellowstone. If my mom had a travel bone in her body I probably would have made it before now, but trips as a child were far and few between. 

   Dan and MJ have been looking forward to this trip since both are photographers, they were welcoming the opportunity to take hundreds of pictures. It's interesting traveling with a Nikon and a Cannon user. Dan being the Nikon user thinks it's superior and MJ just giggles and buys a new lens to make Dan jealous. 

   We headed out of Great Falls to Billings to spend the night. Stopped to shop at Best Buy because MJ wanted a ipad and so did I. We already had one, but it was Dan's (even though he said he'd share) and Sophia's. She almost spent more time on it than Dan playing her kid apps. The best baby sitter! MJ picked out her's and I got mine (the most expensive one, need it for business you know) then sharing a cart we went to check out. The girl at the register took one look at the 2 ipads and went to talk to her manager without speaking to us. She's over there pointing at us like we stole something. I finally sent Dan over to see what the problem was and she said we couldn't check out with 2 ipads, Dan proceeded to tell her if she'd bothered to ask, she'd know they were for two separate people on two different credit cards. She was quite snotty when she came back and I gave her the same lecture. Since when do employee's not bother to talk to the customer? When I was working in the general public we actually put customers first. The customer was always right. Things sure have changed. The customer is now treated as if they are automatically in the wrong. Some of these employee's are just plain dumb. Would it have taken 2 seconds to ask if the ipads were on the same card? Needless to say I have NO desire to shop in a Best Buy for a very long time and will go to Apple directly from now on. I usually do, but instant gratification got the better of me.

   Away from Best Buy, we had a great time shopping and spent the night downtown in a Best Western that was very nice. We got adjoining rooms with MJ so Dan could show her how to use the ipad and Sophia and I went for a swim.

    In the morning we went to a great little bakery in the parking lot and had cinnamon rolls. Then on our way to drive the highway. It was beautiful. About half way up there's a rest stop and view point you have to walk to. If you live in MT you must do this drive sometime.

 The walk to the view point.


Sophia refused to smile, but this was a curios pic anyway.

MJ takin a look.

 A cute birdie in a  tree.

Again Sophia refused to smile, but she had fun collecting rocks and walking around.


The view from the view point.

One last bird picture of him singing his heart out. So happy.

Continuing off the view point, we had a breathtaking drive to the top. It reminded me a lot of Scotland. Cold air, rocks and rolling hills. Just beautiful. Lot's of snow melt as well. Just  a week after we were there it snowed.

A little friend that pokes his head out.

Heading to Yellowstone it was the first time I had seen Buffalo in the wild and it was exilerating. I didn't think it would be so impressive but it was. Yellowstone, what little we saw was beautiful. Especially the formations.

The board walks around these things are impressive and take quite a bit of time to walk. Being a hot day and Sophia not having a nap, made for a treck only about 1/4 of the way around. Can't wait to go back and do the whole thing. Just breath taking.

Love this pic of the 2 walking away. Sophia was being quite independant and wanted to walk by herself.

Well this ends our journey getting lunch. Sophia was so hungry she thought it was kiss worthy. Maybe get it sooner?