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Sophia taking a baby class

 A friend of mine told me about a great class at the hospital where we live, for kids who are going to have a sibling. Knowing how much Sophia loves kids and wants to go to school, we thought it would be a good thing for her to go to. 

  It was only an hour and she would learn how to hold a baby, wrap a baby and change a diaper. She did fantastic and didn't wait for directions, just wrapped that baby up and was done before most of the class of kids.

 She also got to see where I would have the baby and explore the room. She loved the bed and buttons and especially the baby warmer. After the class was over each child got a certificate of completion, a pink or blue hospital bracelet and a backpack, which she of course loved!

  The cutest thing was on the morning I went into labor we told her we were going to go have baby Tristan and she ran and got her pink hospital bracelet and backpack and put both on ready to go!