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Sophia's eventful day...

We went to town just the two of us, Dan stayed home with Tristan. Before we left I noticed the fish tank had not been running and one large goldfish looked very sick and was upside down and the heater appeared to not be working. So I cleaned the fish tank, put in some fresh water, new filter, tried to take out the sick fish but he wiggled so I had pity and put him back and then the heater appeared to be working so left it. Told Sophia we'd get her a new fish in town and she was thrilled!

So we had a nice day in town. Went to JB's for lunch(the place where Dan and I met because I was a waitress there)and saw a waitress there I used to work with and then one of my managers came over to chat and we had a really nice visit. In fact I went to pay our bill and he had comped our ticket and payed the bill! So we got a free lunch!

Then I went in for an eye checkup to just make sure all was alright. Sophia was pretty concerned about it and wanted to know if my eyes were bad if they'd have to take them out. Did some banking and then went to the vet clinic to get Elisa some more steroids because she seems to at least have an appetite with them. Sophia gets out of the car and my eyes being dilated today(I am blaming it on this and not my own stupidity) I was off on my depth perception and thought Sophia had walked a bit farther away than she had and as I was closing the car door smacked her in the back of the head with it! Poor poor girl... She was quite stunned and cried for a sec. I convinced her to stop and that she was fine and we'd go get her fish as soon as we were done. So I walk from the dark outside into the light of the office and see blood dripping down the back of Sophia's head. I very calmly told her to stop and wanted to see how bad the damage was and if we needed ER stitches but with all the bleeding I couldn't tell where it was coming from. So I took her to the bathroom got a cold compress on her head to stop the bleeding and then went and got a vet tec to help me look. At this point the second she saw the blood, she started bawling and shaking (not sure she's going to be a Dr.) The Vet tec helps me and we finally found a small gash were the door had hit her. It was pretty little and I decided to not take her in. Then the vet tec got Sophia a blanket to sit on on a bench, a cold ice pack for her head, then some hot apple cider, then a warm wash cloth for her face, then a box of Kleenex, then a bottle of water to cool the hot cider. I couldn't believe the service! Better than any Emergency Room! lol... Oh and then she gave her a color book too and then told Sophia she had to go wrestle a cat! That got Sophia's attention and she stopped crying so much.

So then after finally convincing her we could leave, we went for Walgreen's to get some Motrin. I figured at this point she'd have quite the splitting headache. So got some Motrin and she picked out a puppy in a purse and found a cute little doggie for Tristan. He would be lonely without one too she said. So with our treasures and the promise of medicine oh and a Christmas red hat and scarf I got to cover the blood incrusted hair, (to cushion her head this time if I did it again!) We purchased our wares and was walking to the car when Sophia said, "Mom you are the best nurse ever! I feel all better now, but please don't do that again!" So with a smile on her face we got back in the car and went to get her fish.

Finally an hour later with her new Molly fish named "Sara" we went home and fished the dead fish out of the fish tank and added little Sara. She's in bed now, that whole thing probably bothered me more than her. Hate seeing her in pain. Well that was our eventful day! Hope your was better;-)